The BizBag




The Bizbag™ team members have been friends since Kindergarten. We remained close even though we went our separate ways after high school - Jason to UNC - Chapel Hill, Kevin to Kenyon College in Ohio, and Greg to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

After graduation, we reunited over what we see as an opportunity to address two pressing problems: people do not get enough exercise and our cities are too congested.

Our diverse experiences, interests and skills, have meshed well in bringing Bizbag™ to life. We rarely take each other very seriously, always have a great time together, and do not generally agree on much. However, the one thing we all agree on is the potential positive impact the BizBag™ can have on the lives of individual commuters and on the communities they live and work in.

Jason initiated the idea, inspired by wanting to bike to work using New York's new Citi Bike program. Greg and Kevin joined Jason to develop and implement the idea. Greg brings a creative and practical perspective to the team and as such he oversees our Accounting and Legal efforts. Kevin heads up Operations and Marketing. His manufacturing and film experience have been instrumental in getting the bag produced and promoted.

Our hope is that the Bizbag™ will inspire more people to begin their day with an active commute to work – promoting healthier lifestyles that in turn benefits the world we live in.

The BizBagTM Story:

is to make choosing a healthy and greener transport option seamless.

“I was inspired to create the Bizbag™ when I wanted to bike to work but couldn’t find a way to carry my work clothes safely and maintain a professional image once at the office.”
Jason Dunn, founder.

Bizbags™ unique trifold design reduces creasing, efficiently compartmentalizes clothes and accessories and morphs from a comfortable backpack into an elegant briefcase, suitable in any boardroom.

The key players in the Bizbag™ team are lifelong and best friends, having attended the same school from Kindergarten through high school. Bizbag™ illustrates just one of the ways in which their friendship has evolved, as they focus their unique talents on attaining the common goal, being to empower everyday people to lead a more active lifestyle.

The Bizbags™ team believes that Bizbags™’s simple yet innovative design can steadily change the commuter mindset about their options to walk, bike or take public transportation like buses, trains or planes to work. Bizbags™ enables people to commute in comfort without compromising their professional image.