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Bizbag™ was designed to make it easier to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Bizbag™ is perfect for one or two day commutes, facilitating travel on public transportation - buses, trains and planes. The Bizbag was primarily designed for those that want to exercise either getting to work or at a gym before or after work.

Below are features of the Bizbag™ that will help to organize your effects and put you in control of your ability to lead a more active lifestyle.


Dual Function: Bizbags™'s extraordinary design enables it to easily convert from a functional, comfortable commuter backpack into a sleek, elegant, briefcase - professional enough for any boardroom. A panel that runs flush with the back of the bag, through which the straps can be drawn, conceals them from view when they are not in use.

Built for comfort: In the backpack mode, the ergonomic, soft neck shoulder and chest straps are fully adjustable for maximum comfort. For that semi-formal look: One of the backpack straps converts into a shoulder strap (the 2nd strap would remain concealed) for those that prefer a professional but less formal look.

Easy to pack: The tri-fold structure unfolds to reveal a comprehensive suit bag that can hang from a sturdy hook (concealed when not in use). The hanging mechanism, with the inside hook, makes packing and unpacking efficient and effortless.

Wrinkle-free transport: Bizbags™’s main compartment easily accommodates up to a man’s size 42L suit and most ladies’ suits and dresses. It is engineered to prevent wrinkling with padded lining materials behind the inside pockets and foam rods that employ a roll packing technique to reduce creasing that normally occurs with folding.

Nothing will be forgotten or misplaced: BizBag™ is an organizer’s delight as there are 8 generous sized pockets so everything has a “home”. Efficiency and order are assured as each pocket can house specific items such as underwear, accessories, toiletries, and workout gear.

Aeration for freshness: 2 of the pockets are mesh and the balance are nylon with ventilation buttons that facilitate air circulation and ensure that used clothing and damp items will not pollute the rest of the bag’s contents (or the bag itself!).

Electronics are snug, secure and easily accessible: BizBag™ has a roomy, outer panel, specially padded electronics compartment that will fit up to a 17” laptop. The laptop sleeve is further protected by a flap that conceals the access zipper but facilitates removal at security stations without disturbing any other contents.

Essentials are easily accessible at all times: BizBag™ has strategically placed outer pockets of varying depth - shallow pocket for quick access to phone and headsets; deeper packets for computer / phone chargers and energy snacks, etc.

 Super (and smart!) shoe storage: BizBag™ has a unique outer compartment for shoes of all sizes and shapes (yes, even stacked high heels!). In addition to the ventilation buttons our designer included removable, washable sleeves so that it is easy to keep your BizBag™ fresh and odor free.

Finest quality: BizBag™ is made by a premier bag manufacturer using superior, water-resistant materials (500 danier polyester with nylon lining). Their attention and care is evident in details, like the precision stitching and the inclusion of the very best quality zippers, adorned with of the BizBag™ logo embossed on each zipper tag!


  • Dimensions closed: 22"(W) x 14"(H) x 1.5"(D)

  • Dimensions opened: 42.5"(H) x 22"(W) x 2"(D) 

  • Weight: 1.2 kgs / 2.645 lbs

  • Material: 500 danier polyester with nylon lining

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