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BizBag Suit Travel Bag - Wrinkle Resistant, Garment Bag

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  • WRINKLE RESISTANT - With small cylinders at the folds, it helps minimize creasing of the clothing. It will hold up to 2 suits or dresses comfortably.

  • AIRPORT FRIENDLY - The portable size allows for it to be a garment carry on when going through the airport. The BizBag has an easy and secure laptop pocket in the front to make security a breeze. The pocket is also padded for extra safety precautions.

  • DURABLE - The water resistant material helps protects against the elements.

  • COMPARTMENTS - There are many compartments for all types of items from extra clothes to toiletries to small electronics. Small vent holes helps breathability within the pockets.

  • PORTABLE - Comes equipped with detachable backpack straps. The backpack functionality makes it perfect for when you need an extra hand with breakfast or if you are riding a bike to your next destination.