The BizBag


- Buzz

A few words from people who have seen the BizBag™ first hand! Do you have your own story? (Click Here) to share your story.

"Friends, check out this AMAZINGLY NICE convertible bike to work bag. It's simultaneously a briefcase, tote, laptop bag, suit and shoe bag, and yet again converts to a backpack!

Based on what I saw today it's a spectacular deal for a great commuter bag." Jae Schmidt, Owner and Manager of well renowned Houndstooth Road, a boutique bicycle store in Decatur, GA

"This bag is awesome! do you want a backpack? It's a backpack. Do you want a briefcase? It's a briefcase. Do you want to walk, run or bike to work? Put your clothes/suit, shoes, laptop, cosmetics in the BizBag™ and walk, run or bike to work. It's a great carry-on and a great way to walk around campus. The BizBag™ serves so many purposes. I saw it the other day and I'm SO impressed!" - Linda Zuk, Registered Corporate Coach and Facilitator, FocusFive Consulting

"I saw the prototype yesterday and this is a MUST if you travel. I will purchase one for my husband who makes many two/three day trips. This is perfect for him, and so lightweight and easy to use. I love that you can remove the shoe pockets for cleaning! I have posted a link to my business Facebook page, because I know people are going to LOVE this!" - Carole Last, NAPO, Professional Organizer, Smart / Space / Organizing

"Very nice product. Good quality, with an American style. A clean design, and a great value for the price. The inside mezzanine is my favorite part, it's exceptionally large, with lots of storage space." United Kingdom Buyer.